We Build Cutting-Edge SaaS Platforms for State Agencies to Efficiently Deliver Health and Human Service Programs

Transformative AI for Human Services

GetInsured is dedicated to helping Americans easily find affordable health insurance. We are the leading provider for state-based marketplace technology with more experience than any technology provider transitioning states off healthcare.gov and implementing exchanges. Our exchanges enable states to run their marketplaces more efficiently, realize cost savings, have greater autonomy over their insurance markets, and leverage the marketplace to achieve broader health reform goals.

Not afraid to disrupt the status quo by rethinking how human services agencies deliver vital safety net benefits to children and families in need, Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®) helps agencies increase capacity so they can do more good.  With its cutting-edge, SaaS operations management platform, combined with its process expertise, C!A transforms safety net service delivery, allowing agencies to serve at least 40% more customers 70% faster.