Transformative AI for Human Services 

We are dedicated to empowering Health and Human Services (HHS) professionals with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. We believe that the path to elevated service and increased capacity in HHS organizations is through the strategic application of AI, designed specifically with your agency’s mission in mind. 

Enhancing Customer Interactions with AI 

Imagine an ecosystem where AI manages routine and repetitive tasks, allowing your staff to concentrate on what truly matters: delivering essential benefits with greater speed and efficiency. Our AI offerings are meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of HHS agencies. We understand that HHS professionals want to leverage AI not only to augment their workforce capacity but also to significantly enhance the quality of interactions with their clients.   

Reimagining the Agency Experience

Envision a future where your teams are free from the weight of backlogs, where they have the capacity to “do more good.” At Vimo, we are committed to fostering this reality through our AI tools. Our technology is engineered to seamlessly integrate into your daily operations, ensuring that your workforce can focus on the high-impact work of delivering services and making a difference in the community.  

A Partner in Building Stronger Safety Nets

We stand with you in creating a safety-net program that embodies compassion, efficiency, and excellence. Our AI solutions are not just about keeping up with technological advancements – they are also about setting a new standard for service delivery in the HHS sector.  

With Vimo as your partner, together we’ll harness the power of AI technology for HHS to redefine what’s possible, enabling your teams to do more good and significantly reduce wait times for those who rely on your services. 

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Our AI Solutions for Government Agencies Feature Advanced Technologies That Independently Contribute to Improving Service Delivery and Elevating Organizational Productivity

An Interactive Virtual Agent that delivers personalized, omnichannel support, providing efficient and consistent interactions with customers across various communication platforms at any time. 
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enhances efficiency by managing routine tasks, freeing up your agency’s workforce to focus their efforts on complex and meaningful work. 

Our AI is Not Just a Tool:

It’s a Trusted Partner for the Digital Age

We are at the forefront of AI Security and prioritize the deployment of secure, reliable, and equitable AI systems. Traceability enables clear understanding of the foundations for AI responses by providing transparency in the source data. Our commitment to non-bias ensures equitable solutions, devoid of discrimination based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion. Dependability is at the core of our AI, guaranteeing alignment with your unique process requirements. Above all, security is paramount: data remains within the customer’s architecture, protected and accessed only under stringent security protocols, so that your proprietary information is used solely for your agency’s benefit.

Interactive Virtual Agent

Enhance capacity and service quality by providing instant, accurate responses to common inquiries, allowing Customer Service Representatives to focus on complex and nuanced interactions.

Our Interactive Virtual Agent delivers an all-in-one omnichannel experience designed to amplify service capacity and quality for human service agencies. Instant, accurate responses to a range of inquiries free up Customer Service Representatives to handle complex and nuanced interactions. The seamless 24/7 support of our Chatbot technology effortlessly scales your service capabilities to meet demand.
Our AI-assisted dialogue capabilities enable the Interactive Virtual Agent to anticipate and address user needs in real time, drastically cutting down wait times and facilitating swift, effective issue resolution. The agent’s pre-built integrations with agency databases smoothly exchange information, promptly delivering accurate updates and case status to users. It can provide general program information, authenticate consumers to offer account-specific answers like eligibility details, and, when necessary, refer users to other programs or departments appropriately. This sophisticated tool streamlines communication, ensuring efficient interactions, and meeting each user need with precision.
With Generative AI, the Interactive Virtual Agent engages in human-like conversations, allowing agencies to efficiently address high volumes of interactions while maintaining a highly personalized quality of service. Our Custom Large Language Model (LLM) empowers the agent to interpret and accurately address complex, industry-specific questions and adeptly handle the nuances of public benefits, child care, welfare, or adult services.

Interactive Virtual Agent: How It’s Brain Works

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Step 1
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Step 3

The IVA Utilizes Continuous Learning and Gets Smarter With Every Customer Interaction

Understands the Customer's Intent

"When are your offices open?"

Translates Speech to Text to Search for Answer

Policy, Manuals, Agency Material, Internet

Arrives at Answer and Translates Text to Speech

"Our offices are open from 8:00am – 6:00pm EST"

Robotic Process Automation

Increase capacity by automating repetitive and rule-based digital tasks and streamlining business processes, reducing errors and freeing up human workers to focus on more complex tasks.

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) offers human service agencies streamlined operations by automating essential but repetitive tasks. This sophisticated technology is expertly configured to perform functions such as updating cases when customer circumstances change, processing returned mail, and handling eligibility renewals.

The use of RPA brings substantial benefits to agencies. Its enhanced processing speed allows for quick updates to beneficiary records, providing beneficiaries with timely and accurate benefit adjustments. Increased speed comes with an impressive boost in accuracy: RPA’s precise eligibility assessments and case file updates minimize the potential for human error.
RPA greatly increases the capacity of agency staff. By automating tedious and time-consuming tasks, personnel shift their focus toward more critical and complex issues. This optimized allocation of resources not only improves the operational flow within the agency but also leads to a more engaged and productive workforce, who can apply their specialized expertise to areas with the most impact.
Our RPA solutions position agencies to function with heightened efficiency, precision, and capacity, culminating in better service delivery and heightened client satisfaction. By delegating predictable and routine case management tasks to technology, human service agencies can unlock their full potential, concentrating on strategic and meaningful endeavors that significantly benefit the communities they are dedicated to serving.

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