Press Release

Vimo® Announces Acquisition of Change & Innovation Agency

Acquisition positions Vimo to better address unprecedented demand for IT infrastructure modernization of health and human services agencies  

November 18, 2021– Vimo®  today announced that it has acquired Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®), the leading provider of service delivery and optimization platforms for health and human services agencies and safety net programs, including Medicaid and child welfare. Vimo (dba GetInsured) is an established market leader with its cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms that provide state-based marketplace and related IT infrastructure and customer service solutions for public sector healthcare. C!A will join GetInsured as part of the Vimo family of SaaS solutions.  

C!A develops and markets SaaS-based service delivery platform, Current™, and provides associated operational, programmatic, and policy knowledge to help redesign processes and service delivery models for human service agencies, ultimately reducing administrative burdens, increasing capacity, and improving outcomes for program beneficiaries. C!A has achieved an average of 70 percent faster delivery of human services and up to 130 percent increased accuracy across clients in nearly half of all U.S. states and many of the country’s largest counties. C!A’s customers include the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, the District of Columbia Department of Human Services, and the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.   

This acquisition will advance both companies’ shared mission to leverage leading-edge cloud-based SaaS solutions to modernize and streamline public sector health and human services operations, enabling more Americans to gain easy and timely access to affordable healthcare and safety net programs.  

Health and human services agencies have long been facing an increase in demand for services without an increase in staff resources, which has become more acute as a result of the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused a backlog of applications in Medicaid, SNAP, and other safety net programs such as unemployment insurance. This backlog is anticipated to exponentially increase as the country begins to unwind the public health emergency review waivers put in place during the pandemic, forcing agencies to return to completing the full review process to determine eligibility for benefits.  

Human services agencies facing such backlogs are often unable to meet federal timeliness requirements, which can put their administrative funding in jeopardy, if not remedied. For SNAP agencies, for example, this funding covers nearly 50 percent of their administrative costs and ranges anywhere from $1.8 million to $911 million in 2019.  

“C!A’s mission has always been to increase our clients’ capacity to do more good,” said Ken Miller, Founder of Change & Innovation Agency.  “Combining C!A’s deep human services experience, process expertise, and proven track record with Vimo’s deep bench of SaaS experts immediately helps to scale our capacity and allows us to better help our clients as they work to help those in need.”  

Vimo’s expansion also comes at a time of unprecedented demand across government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels for modern IT infrastructure solutions. The U.S. government plans to spend more than $100 billion this fiscal year (2021) on IT and cyber-related investments. The U.S. Government Accountability Office has identified the Department of Health and Human Services as one of the 10 agencies most in need of modernization. And the modernization of legacy IT systems emerged as one of the top five priorities in a 2021 survey conducted by the National Association of State CIOs.  

“Legacy systems throughout the country are ill-equipped to solve the current capacity issues facing agencies,” said Chini Krishnan, CEO, Vimo. “Public agencies need modern solutions that increase productivity and transform service delivery. Agencies are often asked to spend big dollars to see small improvements. C!A’s deep process and policy knowledge combined with Vimo’s SaaS expertise will look past small change and fundamentally revolutionize the way human service agencies do business.” 

By acquiring C!A, Vimo is not only augmenting its portfolio of SaaS solutions for public sector health and human services agencies, but also acquiring a new capability that will service its Exchange customers.   

“Deploying the C!A Service Delivery and Optimization Platform into Exchanges will allow us to bring state clients’ service delivery to the next level” said Shankar Srinivasan, Chief Technology Officer at GetInsured. “The platform will help to enable better online conversion, improve consumer assistance center effectiveness, and bring forth a new era of data-driven continuous eligibility solutions.”  

“Our aim, with this acquisition, is to accelerate the adoption of cloud-based service delivery and optimization platform across all public health and human service programs, so agencies can deliver much-needed benefits to applicants with speed and efficiency,” said Krishnan.   


About GetInsured  

Founded in 2005, GetInsured’s mission is to enable access to affordable health insurance for every American by bringing modern technology to public and private healthcare delivery programs. GetInsured is an end-to-end service provider offering an ACA-compliant cloud-based SaaS technology platform, seamlessly integrated consumer assistance center operations, and implementation and project management services. Today, GetInsured is the leading technology provider for state-based marketplaces, and its roster of clients includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada, California, Minnesota, Idaho, and Washington. The award-winning SaaS platform processes enrollments for 2.6 million consumers, which represents approximately 73 percent of all state-based marketplace enrollments. GetInsured technology also supports leading benefit consultants, 8,000 brokers, and more than 200 carriers nationwide.  

About Change & Innovation Agency   

Public servants by experience and at heart, Change & Innovation Agency (C!A®), works with human services agencies to increase their capacity to do more good.  An industry leader in business process redesign, C!A’s proven, innovative approaches and technology solutions have transformed how agencies in 45 percent of states in the nation and several large counties deliver vital safety net program benefits – including eligibility, child welfare, child support and unemployment insurance – to children and families in need.  By disrupting the status quo and rethinking how the important work of human services agencies is performed, C!A consistently helps agencies recover lost production capacity, improve timeliness and accuracy, and increase customer service.